Thursday, 21 January 2010

Largest World Wide Lottery Club


You are visiting my blog about my favourite lottery club which allows me to play the Euromillions with 36 entries in every draw for free and 36 chances of winning a share of the Millionaire Raffle also. This is great for me as I used to spend on average 45 British pounds every month when I was living in the UK and the equivalent in Swiss francs when at home. Further more the Lottery Club when playing the Euromillions guarantees that both lucky star numbers will be matched.

Please note!:
This lottery club has closed its doors it seems the internet offered too much competition for the old folk running the fun and friendly club. For more lottery club information please follow the link or take a look around this free blog starting with a lotto club that launched with great success in 2010.

Mad for the Euromillions

I am quite mad for the Euromillions and my lottery club and so are most of my family especially my mum, it is probably where I get it from. My mum used to spend around 150 CHF (Swiss Frances) every month. We won quite a nice amount one year and I had a nice extended holiday with all my family where I learnt to underwater dive at long last.

Before I stumbled on how to play the Euromillions for free with this lottery club, it halved the amount of money I used to spend playing and gave me 3600% better odds.

Big Thank You to my family for Joining My Lottery Club!

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Take a Peek at the Euromillions Club Multi Win Demo! just look it up by copying and pasting e5ive Syndicates into your search bar.

Thanks to my Mum, Dad, Grand parents, Aunties and cousins who are all quiet mad on the Euromillions and play all the time, I can now in effect play in the lottery club for free, as I introduced them the company rewards me each month which is enough for me to enter the Euromillions. Now my family all pay less and get more for their money.

How much does playing in the Lottery Club Cost?
For an average spend of 23 Euro’s or 20 British sterling a month, players get

36 Euromillions entries for each weeks draw,
36 chances to win the “Millionaire Raffle”
Both Euromillions lucky star numbers guaranteed to be matched,
The 1 in 76 million odds to win the Jackpot Slashed
A 1 in 3 chance to win a smaller cash prize.

The Lottery Club will take care of making sure that your numbers are entered for every draw and will promptly deliver any winnings owed.

Lottery Club Golden Tickets

On top of that the lottery club has there own draw for which Golden Tickets are given to players for every game that they play for free entry. This game gives Lottery Club Members the opportunity to win a variety of top of the range electrical goods.

A Lottery Club Gives You Better Odds

What drew me to this Lottery Club in particular was perhaps my innate nature to want to pay less for something and get more of it. Exactly what this lottery club provides and obviously appeals to almost my whole family. A lottery is a game of chance and the odds of winning a large cash prize are astronomical, I like having the best odds available to me when playing the Euromillions, with this lottery club I get a lot extra and much more than I expected for my money.

A few more facts about the Largest World Wide Lottery Club

After browsing their website and reading a few articles about the lottery club this is what I can tell you.

This British Island born company has Lottery Commission approval and has been officially trading for over 8 years, when they first opened to the public in 2002 they had one lotto game in their system, this was the UK National Lotto. It was not until 2004 that they added another game, this being the Euromillions.

Many years later the Lottery Club host spots for 15 Lotto Games the Euromillions as we know. Some more of the games are as follows.

Players have the opportunity to join the UK National Lottery Club which gives players 88 entries every week.

The Spanish have some great European games with very large prize funds.

With this Lottery Club you can enter the Great once a year Christmas El Gordo and get a guaranteed prize from the Awesome 2.3 billion prize fund.

How about the El Nino lottery club with a minimum 84 million prize fund. Not as large as the El Gordo but more prizes, this draw is held in January.

Joining the Lottery Club will give players access to another 10 Spanish Draws and some great odds.

For More Information you can visit the main e5ive Syndicates Website